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Yidingbai compound plant tablet candy

4 grains
Specifications: Yidingbai compound plant tablet candy, 500mg per tablet
Product features: Plant pressed candy, herbal medicine transforms AGE metabolism, accelerates keratin transformation, new energy for skin care
Product Features:
1. Replace new keratinocytes in 14-28 days: start mitochondrial factory function: eliminate accumulated products
2. Activate the transformation and synthesis activity of the bottom layer of the muscle cells: enhance the efficiency
3. Flow of sodium, potassium and calcium ions inside and outside cells: guide cell information
4. Relax muscle bundle cells, relieve physical fatigue
5. Promote the regeneration of liver meridian cells: strictly prevent the disease caused by the increase of sugar quality
6. Anti-free radical attack: promote long-lasting cell health
Suggested usage: Take 2 capsules each time in the morning and evening
Note: Pregnant women under three months or children (less than 10 years old) must use it according to the doctor's instructions.
Storage method: Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and places where the temperature is higher than normal temperature.

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