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Balancer on metabolism

Specificant : Sixty tablets per box

Applicable people: people over 45 years old, long-term overeating, sedentary, standing for a long time

Product introduction:
This product is an auxiliary food for the high blood sugar and hyperlipidemia group, using a traditional Chinese herbal formula that is homologous to food, effectively regulating blood sugar expression. The product contains a variety of ingredients, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, Santai, polysaccharides and other Active ingredient, from guava leaves, mulberry leaves, panax notoginseng leaves, raw land, emblica, wolfberry, etc. In addition, yeast vitamin B group, yeast selenium, yeast chromium and other enzyme cofactors are added to the product to help the enzyme activity in the body. Based on the above, it is clinically verified that the product has a good auxiliary effect for diabetes patients, and for those with abnormal eating habits and Binge eating. It is recommended to take 2 capsules per meal, with a dosage form that is easy to digest and absorb, and can be chewed or swallowed.

Suggested usage: Take 2 capsules each time with a meal, chew or swallow with water.

Note: Pregnant women under three months or children (less than 10 years old) must use it according to the doctor's instructions.

Storage method: Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and places where the temperature is higher than normal temperature.

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