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Magic herbal flavor and awake essential oil |to relax like butterfly flying

Specificant : complex herbal essential oil, each contains 10 ml
1.Roll-on skin : smear on body where uncomfortable place.
2.Breath method : put a drop of product, then both hand palm to palm and 搓. The heat would evaporate essential oil, breathing via mouth and nose.
3.Moisture equipment : drop some into water of moisture.

Product story:
The response to men and women in the world is like the sun shining directly on their hearts, and like the bright light shining on their shoulders, highlighting their unique personality! The white flower fragrance brings a sense of freshness, has the mental energy to remove fatigue, and combines the mature middle note of defensive frankincense, myrrh, and dragon blood wood resin in the great nature to enrich the level of change, to show the elegant royal noble flavor, and then uses the styrax and juniper wood as the back drop to improve the overall physical sense. Like the evening glow, the faint floral fragrance and slightly spicy vanilla notes bring you back to a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere. The aftertaste continues with a multi layered wooden tone, providing a warm heart feel and extending deeper touch. The graceful fragrance of chamomile flowers, sweet and fragrant, gently soothes the soul while awakening the sensitivity and passion in the heart like the fragrance of magnolia flowers, enhancing the unique elegant charm of women.

Attention: Pregnant women or under 10 years old children must follow the doctor's instructions for use.

Storage description: Store in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and temperatures higher than 50 degree.

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