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Magic herbal flavor and awake essential oil |woody odor to calm and open mind

Specificant : complex herbal essential oil, each contains 10 ml

1.Roll-on skin : smear on body where uncomfortable place.
2.Breath method : put a drop of product, then both hand palm to palm and 搓. The heat would evaporate essential oil, breathing via mouth and nose.
3.Moisture equipment : drop some into water of moisture.

Product story:
This essential oil responds to the teachers and elders, always maintaining a calm and open mind! The slightly cool fragrance of Mentha arvensis is shown. The middle note is white pine and gentle wood, which shows the oriental calm and meditation. It combines the defense frankincense, myrrh, and dragon blood wood resin in the nature to enrich the level changes. The red pine and sandalwood in the tail note give the taste a quiet and subtle end, calm and steady, clear in the heart. The main tone is pine, accompanied by a low fruity aroma, presenting a marathon like vitality, and containing rich cedar and red pine aromas in harmony. The base part uses a wooden tone fragrance to give the user a personalized depth and breadth of fragrance, showcasing individuality in sandalwood.

Attention: Pregnant women or under 10 years old children must follow the doctor's instructions for use.

Storage description: Store in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and temperatures higher than 50 degree.

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