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Ruby Soothing Essential Oil (Full Effect)

Complex plant essential oil, 5/10 ml per bottle

Description of product : this product composed of water, ethanol, and herbal extract hydrophobic essential oil parts.

Product introduction:
This essential oil product is made of traditional herbs extract method, no basic oil includes. Its function of herbal ingredients, to solve people occur abnormal physical at office, working place, long-term driving. We provide this anti-inflammation composition essential oil product directly for people where indoor and outdoor. To whom felt muscle of neck, upper back, lower back are rigid, sour, unbalance, or motive not smooth could smear on conditional  location to against pain and sour within 5 min, even for mastquital bites itchy. A four hours lasting cool feeling  time is its obviously point, it would help people has a comfortable physical with breath or on body. Otherwise, acute and chronic muscle tired or spasm condition, such as running foot, walking muscle stronger, reduced asleep at night, or regular headache at afternoon. Many cons you could find after you have it in your bag.

Significant of product:
1.Fasting absorption on skin, no oily.
2.On set time of relief pain and sour within 5 min.
3.Far-IR detection surface temperature on smear location is lower 0.1-0.5 degree C.
4.Awake, motion set, elevated focus time.
5.Reduced 50-80% rigid status.
6.Efficiency could lasting 4 hours.  

1.Roll-on skin : smear on body where uncomfortable place.
2.Breath method : put a drop of product, then both hand palm to palm and twist. The heat would evaporate essential oil, breathing via mouth and nose.
3.Moisture equipment : drop some into water of moisture.

1.This is a kind of External supplies, not allowed to oral.
2.Do not put on open wound.
3.Feeling uncomfortable could wash by a lot of water If stimulate on eyes, or mucous.
A reddish, edema, itchy, or allergic condition occurred should stop used it and water rinse over 15 min.

Storage : cool temperature, avoid to sun directly location.

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